A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me

Hey TVMA staff — does this remind you of anything?


No one noticed that my birthday was last week. Last year you threw a party for me and this year NADA. Way to make a cat feel special. Not only do I expect extra wet cat food for a month, but I will be sending the office staff a bill for my counseling sessions.

Luna Out.


What a Feeling

When it was cold a few weeks ago Otis decided to take it back to the 80’s. Little off the shoulder sweater. Nice Flashdance look, Otis (and it’s even pink) Now only if he had paired it with some leg warmers I would probably still be laughing.




Hail to the Chief

Texas weather is about an unpredictable as a cat. Which is probably why I love Texas so much. We just had a freak hail storm here in North East Austin, where I have my castle, and I got to admit I am pretty glad I am an indoor cat! (and that I don’t drive a car that could potentially be damaged by falling ice!)

But as with all storms – this one too passed and left a little reminder that life is beautiful (apparently I wax poetic after having the pee pee scared out of me in a storm – thank you office mate for cleaning out my box today — I think I left you some new presents in there!)


Too bad it is not a double triple rainbow. But it is still amazing and makes me say “Hail Yeah”.





The McGoats Phenom

As always I am about 4 years behind any internet trend. But I am also a cat so keep your judgement to yourself. Anyway, I have become fascinated with the Totes McGoats (or Magoats) trend that has been making it’s way across cyber space. And it occured to me that my nickname for my canine friend Otis is Oats. Which “totes” sets up the visuals below. I think Oats McGoats will be the next big sensation.

And YES I am totally avoiding any Valentines talk this year. It is all Goats all day to avoid the fact that no one will let me have chocolate. Something about it being bad for cats and all that jazz – I think it is a conspiracy by my office mate to keep all the chocolate for herself. Maybe when her pants don’t fit from all that chocolate she will learn to share (or buy bigger pants).




totes2 totes-magotes

So Sweet You Might Actually Lose a Tooth

In the spirit of the impending doom of Valentines Day – I have decided to start the week off with something so sweet it very well could make your front teeth fall right out of your head

(and for those of you who know anything about the TVMA staff – YES that is a total reference to the hillbillery of a certain staff member – you know who you are toothy!)

Ok back to business – could this be any cuter? I mean unless it was a photo of me of course, but come on — this is adorable.


(picture from http://www.gladstonehotel.com/catsual-friday/we-love-mew/) – Yes even I know when to give due credit!




Conversation with Misha

Short and sweet. That is how we cats roll.