Precious …. My Precious

Izzy has a problem. We need to have a “convention” as my office mates brother in law Michael would say (first of all that should be intervention, second no one probably cares who Michael is and why in his 30 years he hasn’t mastered the English language.) Back to Izzy.

Izzy has an addiction. She is a bit like Gollum with the ring …. but her ring is a Dingo brand bone that she refuses to actually eat but just carries around in her mouth at all times like a fool.


In fact, she takes it outside and goes potty with the bone in her mouth. She does her angry chipmunk noise at anyone who comes near. Which by the way is SO NOT intimidating.

When you try to talk to her about the problem she is flippant and rude. (Real mature Izzy – real mature)


I am going to organize a “convention” of Izzy’s friends and family (while she still has those who care) I’ll keep you updated of her progress.


Hopefully we can cure Izzy of this horrible bone addiction.




The Legacy of TC

So some of you may know that I am not the original TVMA Feline Specialist. (hard to believe I know because I am so great and sometimes my greatness gets in the way of everything else – but I digress) TC (short for Temporary Cat since she was a prototype) was the OG, original Gansta at the TVMA office.


TC who actually went on to Animal Planet Fame (for being a chunker but again I digress) was adopted to a permanent home by a TVMA Staffer. And while TC and I often did not see eye to eye when she came to the office to visit (and for the record I DON’T hiss like a girl) – I am utterly saddened to report that TC has passed on.

She was my mentor and maybe if I hadn’t been such a kitten about things she could have been my friend.




You know how they say cats have nine lives? Well that is because we live forever in the hearts of the people who knew us. So TC, even though you are not here with us anymore know that your memory and legacy lives on.

One down, Eight to go. Live it up in your new home TC, Live it up.


And shameless plug time – If anyone would like to make a Memorial Gift Contribution with the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation in TC’s honor (or in honor of any pet) click HERE.



(insert moment of silence here)


Back in Black

I took an extended holiday in order to train up my protege Koenna (pronounced Kenna but spelled very confusingly – whats with the gratuitous O??) Anyway, world (and by world I mean the one person who might accidentally click on this post) meet Koenna.


You may notice a startling resemblance to yours truly. Just a coincidence but she sure is cute if I may say so my self (and I I may). I have taken to training her in the ways of the cat.

For example, do you ever wonder why you are sometimes missing items from your purse or back packs? Items you knew were there but have just vanished? Before you start thinking Aliens –


I will let you in on a secret. It was the cat. I have just blessed you with uber secret cat knowledge. Your welcome.

I personally would like to see her actually take at least a $20 out of the purse – but she is young and in training. She will get there (and then I will take my 40% cut)



A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me

Hey TVMA staff — does this remind you of anything?


No one noticed that my birthday was last week. Last year you threw a party for me and this year NADA. Way to make a cat feel special. Not only do I expect extra wet cat food for a month, but I will be sending the office staff a bill for my counseling sessions.

Luna Out.


What a Feeling

When it was cold a few weeks ago Otis decided to take it back to the 80’s. Little off the shoulder sweater. Nice Flashdance look, Otis (and it’s even pink) Now only if he had paired it with some leg warmers I would probably still be laughing.




Hail to the Chief

Texas weather is about an unpredictable as a cat. Which is probably why I love Texas so much. We just had a freak hail storm here in North East Austin, where I have my castle, and I got to admit I am pretty glad I am an indoor cat! (and that I don’t drive a car that could potentially be damaged by falling ice!)

But as with all storms – this one too passed and left a little reminder that life is beautiful (apparently I wax poetic after having the pee pee scared out of me in a storm – thank you office mate for cleaning out my box today — I think I left you some new presents in there!)


Too bad it is not a double triple rainbow. But it is still amazing and makes me say “Hail Yeah”.