Fame is a double edged sword. I am constantly followed and harassed by the puparazzi. Like swimming in a sea of piranhas only instead of teeth they have cameras. So I recently had to fight back. Can’t a dog just play with his squeaky toy in private? Sheesh.



Happy Holidays!

Short and sweet so I can get to the party part of the holidays!  Happy Holidays from yours truly.  Wishing you a safe and happy holiday full of wet cat food and catnip (that is what everyone dreams about, right?) And what better way to celebrate the holidays than to photoshop Otis the dog in goofy holiday outfits. I love the holidays.






So the weather in Austin has turned a bit blustery and cold. However, being that I am an indoor cat I am still safe and snug and warm in my office domain. (there is one co-worker who should probably wear undershirts under his skin tight t-shirts — just saying dude — we can tell it’s cold through your thin shirts) But I digress.

This cold weather reminds me the holidays are rapidly approaching. Which then reminds me I never get any presents. Which reminds me to be bitter. But I will be bitter later. I happened to catch my friend Otis also thinking of the holidays but in true canine fashion he’s all about the food.


Sweet dreams, Otis. It is almost here buddy. And if you need a temperature check on that bird just ask the roaming temperature gauge to help ya out.



Trick or Treat? Heck Yeah I want TREATS

Spooky and scary greetings to you world wide web. (and by www I really just mean one person but a cat can dream, right?) My office mate decided to dress up this year and I think she is supposed to be a zombie (Sooooo original) but really she just looks like Courtney Love on a bad day. Still I give props for effort (as I do my secret cat laugh every time I see her – which might be mistaken for a hairball but whatever)

I skipped the costume this year because I am a black cat – the MOST PERFECT costume ever. I was trying to help my canine friend Charlie come up with a costume this year and I think I have the perfect one for him: Matt Damon.


C’mon man — tell me that dog does not look like Matt Damon — at least a little bit. So that problem is solved.

I am going to get my treat or treat (no choice folks) bag ready for the festivities tonight. Enjoy your Halloween activities – be safe and watch out for children and cats while driving around tonight. Now if you will excuse me the boss is gone today and I have some mischief to get into.




National Luna Day

Howdy Feline Lovers. And a very happy National Luna Day to you! That’s right. It’s all about me today. (Technically it is National Cat Day – however since I am leader of the feline population I have taken the liberty of changing the name.)

So now that the cat is out of the bag … (or in my case I like the bag thank you and I want to stay in there) – Hug a kitten today, snuggle with an old cat and remember WET FOOD and TREATS.


And because I am such a sweetheart. I actually got my officemate a present for National Luna Day. You’re Welcome.




Precious …. My Precious

Izzy has a problem. We need to have a “convention” as my office mates brother in law Michael would say (first of all that should be intervention, second no one probably cares who Michael is and why in his 30 years he hasn’t mastered the English language.) Back to Izzy.

Izzy has an addiction. She is a bit like Gollum with the ring …. but her ring is a Dingo brand bone that she refuses to actually eat but just carries around in her mouth at all times like a fool.


In fact, she takes it outside and goes potty with the bone in her mouth. She does her angry chipmunk noise at anyone who comes near. Which by the way is SO NOT intimidating.

When you try to talk to her about the problem she is flippant and rude. (Real mature Izzy – real mature)


I am going to organize a “convention” of Izzy’s friends and family (while she still has those who care) I’ll keep you updated of her progress.


Hopefully we can cure Izzy of this horrible bone addiction.